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Pelosi: “It Is Clear We Must Enter An Era Of Austerity”

We’re already in that Nancy, so take your Reid-proposed “bipartisan austerity plan” and go to hell. The next 48 hours or so are the biggest gut-check yet of the entire Obama presidency. Will he endorse an evil bipartisan rollback of benefits earned by Americans across the board, or will he stand up and demand a […]

News Corp Wiretapped Lawyer-Client Calls

Interfering in court cases, which may invalidate them.

Norway Update

The mass murderer killed at least 92 people, 5 are still missing which may make the total rise to 97. He’s a Nazi and a global warming denier. It may be the deadliest mass shooting done by a single person in world history. He was also heavily into American-originated anti-Muslim hate propaganda.

The Anti-Democratic Bipartisan Plan To Rip You Off

This has to be stopped.

Inhofe’s Office Jokes About Weather As Five Oklahomans Die

The forecast in Oklahoma for the next five days ranges from 102 degrees to 105 degrees. The overall summer is on track to be the hottest in Oklahoma history, beating 1936.

House GOP Will Force FAA Shutdown At Midnight Tonight

Why would they do this? To bust unions, of course. Never mind that the majority of the American public doesn’t want the unions in the FAA or Federal government busted. Never mind that the majority of the American public doesn’t want to die in a plane crash. Never mind that the Democrats were elected to […]

News Corp Intercepted Wiretapped Telephone Calls of Ex-Employee

This is the inevitable implication of this report in the Guardian. It indicates that Murdoch and Son were wiretapping former employees and rival media companies. I’m not talking about just stealing voicemail messages, I’m talking about recording live wiretapped telephone conversations of executives from rival companies, then “leaking” an edited excerpt of one of them […]

Violence In Norway

There has been a bombing of the Prime Minister’s office in Oslo, Norway, as well as an unusual shooting elsewhere in the country.

UPDATE: The BBC says “80 dead.” A Norwegian reporter, heard on NPR earlier today, said the killer was a neo-Nazi and may have done both the bombing and the island shootings.


Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Liar

Well, he is. As far as I am aware, only Jim Inhofe agrees with the Limbaugh claim that temperatures themselves are not getting higher on average.

The Truth, With Jokes

Al Franken confronts some lying liars.