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“Cash For Kids” Judge Sentenced To 28 Years

Hanging is literally too good for this guy.

Child Poverty Increased 10% Between 2008 and 2009

Was this because of the economic collapse under Bush, or because people jumped into poverty in advance at the thought of a Kenyan Sharia Socialist President?

US Government Can Now Borrow At Negative Interest Rates

Negative real yields means that so many people want to buy US bonds (loan us money) that the interest rates are less than zero. It literally pays to borrow money, the government can borrow a large amount now and pay back less than that amount later and the loan will be completely paid off. This […]

The Contender

Watch the video here of John McCain getting torn up badly by his own constituents for his idiotic pro-corporate and job-killing policies.

Another Murdoch Editor Arrested

It’s time for RICO to be fully used against Murdoch’s criminal empire.

Super Global Warming Congress

7 of the 9 members of this new Politburo deny that global warming is a man-made problem.

London Riots – Watch This Video

This Tottenham man was obviously not willing to go along with the BBC version of the original Tottenham riot, which was sparked by police intransigence after the shooting of Mark Duggan. Watch the video at this link.

Idiot “Investors” Lose Billions Pointlessly

The Dow Jones lost 4% of its value today. Where did wise “investors” put most of their money from the sales? A lot of it went into US Treasury Bonds, because they are still one of the safest investments you can have, the “downgrade” based on political motivations and a $2 trillion basic math mistake […]

Trillion, Schmillion

S&P decided to downgrade the US’s credit rating based on an error of 2 trillion dollars. When the Treasury Dept. pointed this out, S&P just changed the rationale and went ahead anyway. Note that this is a Wall Street Journal article, reporting the truth, while Fox News celebrates the downgrade at the same time as […]

30 US Navy Seals Killed In Afghanistan

Get the hell out of there.

UPDATE: These were SEALs, and many details point to the idea that this was a high-risk operation against what the military calls a “high value target.”