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Mitt Romney’s Yacht

Docked in Tampa, being used for fundraising, and flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.

CNN Refuses To Report Racist GOP Convention Harassment

Of its own African-American camerawoman, harassed by unidentified attendees of the GOP convention. It was originally described by David Shuster via twitter:

GOP attendee ejected for throwing nuts at African American CNN camera woman + saying “This is how we feed animals.”

CNN later confirmed to, which is doing the best reporting so far […]

GOP Convention Disarray

The Ron Paul “mini-revolt,” hidden far away from prime time television coverage.

Coal Miners Forced To Attend Romney Rally Without Pay

You see, the attendance was “mandatory” but not “forced,” according to the employers. They had very little choice and lost pay in the process, since the mine would have otherwise been open and was shut down for the rally. These workers were forced by their employer to be used as props with no pay at […]

White Supremacist Soldiers Planned Assassination of the President

They committed murder just to keep someone from talking about it and had bought $87,000 in weapons.


The GOP Platform, to be voted on later today, formalizes Ryan’s plan to privatize Medicare.

“Shore Up His Base”

Even the USA Today says that the Romney campaign is based on racist strategy. Romney’s false and racist lie which has no basis in fact whatsoever is shoring up HIS base, and he knows it.

Romney’s Campaign Goes Overtly Racist

This has been confirmed in multiple news reports, it’s a full reported mainstream fact acceptable to be discussed in the mainstream media.

Here is the follow up:

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Romney Was Still Running Bain In 2010

According to what he swore to the IRS. In order to get this $500,000 deduction, he had to have an “active role” in the company. What’s an active role?

The IRS advises that “[f]actors that indicate active participation include making decisions involving the operation or management of the activity, performing services for the activity, and […]

Romney Goes Birther

The presumptive nominee from one of the two major US political parties is implying that the President of the United States was not born in the US, and therefore doesn’t legally hold the office. This is certainly the dirtiest thing said by one nominee about another during a campaign in my lifetime.

But don’t […]