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This is a textbook example of the classic “non-denial denial” dating all the way back to the Watergate era.

A spokesperson for the CIA Sunday declined to discuss Broadwell’s relationship with Petraeus, whose wife of 37 years, Holly, is the assistant director for service member affairs at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But the spokesperson […]

The Petraeus Scandal And The Libya Attack

Eight days ago I read this prescient article about the possible CIA role in the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi against US facilities. What I never expected was a bombshell story to come along and prove that it was correct. What would you expect an Islamic militia to do, if the CIA were holding […]

Taking Romney’s Advice, Mine Owner Fires Miners Who Were Forced To Be Campaign Props

Mitt Romney advised business owners to threaten workers in order to get them to vote Romney. He used coal miners as props who were ordered to show up for a Romney photo op without pay.

Now their boss, Robert Murray, has fired 156 miners after reading these words to them:

“Dear Lord:

The American people […]

47 Percent

The popular vote counting in the Presidential election continues, and every day the gap widens between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Mitt is now down at 47.9% and will go lower, meaning that in history the number “47 percent” will always be associated with him. It couldn’t be more deserving.

No More “Surges”

PETRAEUS RESIGNS AS CIA DIRECTOR and regardless of the reason, good riddance. 2,150 American troops dead in Afghanistan, 4,486 in Iraq. Petraeus participated in a hoax to fake a “WMD discovery” in Iraq.

Romney Felt Like Neocon Hostage

Of course he did, he didn’t have the guts to go his own way, even when he was wrong and needed to apologize. Especially then.

Within hours, on the advice of his messaging shop and with the blessing of his foreign policy advisers, Romney approved a statement that accused Obama of sympathizing with anti-American interests […]

Birther Elected Chief Justice Of Alabama Supreme Court

I predict he will be 100% successful in keeping Barack Obama off the ballot in Alabama.

Go Ahead, Be My Guest

Move to Australia, racists. As the story explains, they doubt you’ll like it there.

“All Posts Discontinue”

Mitt was in bed when the Secret Service left.

At some point, early Wednesday morning, when Gov. Mitt Romney and family were tucked into bed, a quiet call went out on the radio channel used by his Secret Service agents: “Javelin, Jockey details, all posts, discontinue.” Of all the indignities involved in losing a presidential […]

Obama Thanks The Best Presidential Campaign Staff Ever

This is truly a must see. Inspirational and riveting, and real.