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“I’d Give It A 95 Percent”

The chilling eyewitness story of Ukrainians being shot dead for attempting to vote.

Other gunmen never spoke a word and seemed foreign to the region. French war photographer Jerome Sessini spent about an hour face to face with the gunmen before they opened fire. “I found that their general attitude and their very precise techniques […]

“I’m Gonna Go To Midland”

Would you then please stay there? Dallas is still the Hate Capital of the US, among “major” cities.

UPDATE: I don’t think she’d be happy in Arkansas, either.

Wal-Mart: Unlivable Wages

Read this before you go near one of their stores.

John Oliver Holds First Realistic Debate on Climate Change

MSNBC Producer Shakes Maraca, Drinks Tequila for “Cinco De Mayo” On Air

Why is everyone so upset about this? Why don’t the “Social Justice Warriors” leave him alone? Who could have possibly figured out this would offend anyone? The “politically correct” rules are so complicated no wonder people like Christina “Sheep” Fallin just can’t keep up with them.

MSNBC’s Painful Portrayal Of Cinco De Mayo […]

Missouri Protesters Take Over Capitol Demanding Medicaid Expansion

And why shouldn’t they, since hundreds will die if contrarian Republicans get their way (note map).

Ladies and Gentleman, Charlie Hill

This was 37 years ago.

Ohio Commutes Condemned Man’s Sentence After Oklahoma Horror

This will not be the only fallout from the reckless actions of Mary Fallin which had a barbaric outcome. John Kasich is a conservative, right-wing governor, and he backed away from executing this man immediately.