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Happy Independence Day

The Civil Rights Act was signed 50 years ago this week.

Explosives Nearby, Texans? Better Drive Around And Find Out

After most of the town of West, Texas, was destroyed, the criminal who calls himself the Attorney General of Texas has decided that the best way to “regulate” deadly chemicals is to make you play a guessing game to find out if you live near them. I guess those people without a driver’s license in Texas or current insurance on their car or proper tags on their car don’t have any right to be safe in his mind. If you want to find out where the explosive chemicals are, Texas wants you to waste a lot of them from your gas tank to do it. Thanks to the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, which was due to a Texas case, the state now has seriously difficult barriers to getting a voter ID. Imagine living in Texas with this man as Attorney General, he’s running for Governor, and he just slapped these requirements on you with the help of five Justices on the U.S Supreme Court, and as a result you can’t even vote against him. The next time someone dies in Texas because they didn’t know explosive chemicals were in the area, like the first responders did in West, Texans will know who to blame.

This is what Greg Abbott wants you and your family to do.

“Open Carry” At Work: 9 Shot on Bourbon Street

Bobby Jindal proudly legalized carrying guns into bars. This weekend, we saw what that inevitably leads to. 9 shot, two in critical condition.

Neither police nor hospital officials would release information about the victims’ ages, genders or hometowns. But witnesses and police radio traffic indicated at least one woman was shot in the face. The extent of her injury was unclear.

“There were bodies everywhere,” said witness Alexis Primeaux of Slidell, who thought she heard between seven and nine gunshots shatter the usual sounds of French Quarter weekend revelry.

“I pushed my friend through the door (of Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub) because she was in front of me and they were trying to shut the doors. There was a guy behind me. He was shot,” Primeaux said.

Rep. Frank Lucas Secretly Dead

And I thought the tea party people in Mississippi were crazy. You should check out the actual Tim Murray announcement on his page before it disappears. That is, unless you feel it would be validating or encouraging mental illness on Murray’s part.

UPDATE: Mississippi again takes the lead, with the death of Mark Mayfield, tea party official.


Central Park Five Get $40 Million Settlement

They were always innocent, and I always thought they were.

Albuquerque Cops Kill Again

Explain to me how this is not murder.

Iraq Situation Explained

This is not a bad job.

Also, here is a good map from the AP showing the advancement of the monstrous group that was only created in reaction to the US invasion and would otherwise not exist, much less be terrorizing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

Wisconsin Governor At Center Of “Criminal Scheme,” Say Federal Prosecutors

The case after years has finally blown wide open. Scott Walker is a crook, who stole his office and then ran his state into the ground. He belongs in a prison cell, too bad he can’t be in a Wisconsin penitentiary and a Federal one at the same time. If Walker had succeeded, almost every state in the US would have received the radical, anti-Democratic takeover treatment done there as an experiment. Step one is denying him the chance of re-election.

Iran Losing Control of Iraq

The US invasion of 2003 is the cause of every death.

School Shooting in Oregon


A rifle was used. Here is what the local GOP in the very same county thinks should be done with rifles.