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“To Protect You From Me”

70-year-old veteran of the court system speaks on the police and the white population in the American system.

Police Brutality and Justice: A Word From Orson Welles

From 1955.

Pennsylvania Mass Shooter Of Six Still At Large

Bradley Stone has allegedly shot six people in multiple homes. It was previously reported that he had taken his own life, but apparently that’s not the case. It seems he has killed people in at least 3 different townships or towns.


Stone, a veteran of the totally unnecessary and criminal Iraq war, was found dead, he had committed suicide with a sword.

Hundreds Of Thousands Continue Protest Nationwide

Oakland, Monday:

Houston Police Shoot Unarmed Man At Traffic Stop

Mike Walker was shot for “not complying” with police orders, as he was busy (after being shot) stripping off his shirt to prove he was unarmed. He proved it, and they shot him for that.


These men will never return to Guantanamo and will never be tortured again.

Bush’s $40 Million Torture Architect Says It Yielded No Intel

This is one of the two “contractors” what was paid $81 million, as outlined in the just-released Senate Report on CIA Torture. He has never been shown on camera before in the media.

“It’s almost like a good cop, bad cop kind of set-up,” he says, “with a really bad cop.”
The point, he says, “was to facilitate getting actionable intelligence by making a bad cop that was bad enough that the person was engage with the good cop,” Mitchell continues.

I would be stunned if they found any kind of evidence that EITs, as they were being applied, yielded actionable intelligence.

He has said it, right there. He was in charge. Torture never yielded accurate information, and that wasn’t its purpose.

Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General, Is A Crook

He is a crook. He is corrupt.

Protests Continue Nationwide

From Anchorage to Tampa, the protests continue. This is in New York City tonight, Times Square:

Ferguson Marchers Attacked By Racists

This video isn’t the only example, this post will be updated with more.