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Ferguson Marchers Attacked By Racists

This video isn’t the only example, this post will be updated with more.

No Indictments in Death of Eric Garner

Eric Garner was killed by NYPD officers on Staten Island by use of an illegal chokehold, which directly caused his death. The grand jury just decided for zero indictments. Combined with the unlawful circus that was used to keep Darren Wilson from being indicted, what other message is being sent than one which says cops can not be prosecuted, no matter who they kill and how? The entire attack on and death of Eric Garner by illegal chokehold is on video.

NFL Rams Players Support Ferguson Protesters

The St. Louis Police Officers Association demands that the players be “disciplined” for what you see below.

Ferguson Protests: A Gun To The Head

This is how St. Louis cops treat people that are politically opposed to their lawbreaking tactics.

Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Imminent

Michael Brown, Junior, was shot six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014 as noted on this blog while his body lay dead in the street for hours. Here is a complete guide to every eyewitness interview. The shooting was completely unjustified. The District Attorney has behaved disgracefully in the case and should have been removed by the Governor and replaced by a special prosecutor. Governor Jay Nixon, ominously, will speak on a college campus in St. Louis at 5:30PM and then the DA holds a press conference at 8PM to announce the grand jury decision. A premature leak of the decision seems likely, or false leaks.

The St. Louis County court system, whose prosecution is run by corrupt DA Bob McCulloch, is a Kafkaesque nightmare.

Grand Jury Decision Imminent In Ferguson Police Murder

Someone on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri in the last 48 hours proved what had been researched by one of the participants on this blog: Mike Brown was at least 148 feet away from Darren Wilson’s police SUV when he was shot dead. As far as the public knows, the still-operative claim of investigating police is that he was shot 35 feet away from the vehicle.

“Staggering Disparity”

Why does it have to be this way? Who can deny it’s happening?

Go Directly To Jail

Massey indicted for killing dozens of coal miners with his greed.

Virginia Governor Guilty On 11 Of 13 Counts

And his wife on 9 out of 13. He is a crook and should go to prison, and so should his wife.

Oklahoma AG in Bizarre Obamacare Court Stunt

Oklahoma’s taxpayers have now paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure they don’t get health care they desperately need, through this clown’s office. Now he pulls a baffling legal stunt, very unlikely to succeed and probably guaranteeing a loss for his “cause” of robbing Oklahoma taxpayers of health care they already paid for.