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Did A Top Republican Donor Directly Inspire The Charleston Shooting?

This should be read and seriously investigated. The browser history on Roof’s computer could show whether he visited the CCC web site at any time between Holt’s murder-fantasy internet post and the actual murders.

Charleston Killer Is A Neo-Nazi

He isn’t just a white supremacist, he isn’t just a terrorist, he isn’t just a mass murderer. He’s a neo-nazi and here is the proof.

Nine Churchgoers Murdered In South Carolina

This man entered the Mother Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina about 9PM last night, and stayed in a meeting for almost an hour. He then produced a gun and told the 12 people present, which included the pastor and at least one grandmother, that he was going to leave one of them alive. He then shot and killed 6 women and 3 men, including the Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who was also a South Carolina State Senator, who had met with Hillary Clinton earlier yesterday, and sponsored a bill to put body camera on all police in South Carolina.


He has not been found.

Fracking Corrupts Oklahoma University? Of Course It Did

Difficult to say much besides I’m not surprised.

Iraq War Hero Slowly Killed In Jail Cell By Deputies

Sgt. James Brown was on active duty at Fort Bliss when he self-reported to the El Paso County Jail to server a two-day sentence for DWI.  This is what happened next.

Oklahoma Official Lies To US Supreme Court

This is how Mary Fallin’s appointees conduct themselves in the United States Supreme Court. Their methods of execution are so indefensible that the Solicitor General of the state resorted to lying, immediately, when trying to defend lethal injection methods in the US Supreme Court.

Help, Murder, Police

If you have enough money, you can buy your way into uniform and kill people with impunity.

Policing 2015


This story is truly horrifying. “Zombified” patients in a VA hospital so overdosed with narcotics that several of them have died. Investigation isn’t enough, there should be prosecutions.


How News Works Today

Best cartoon I have seen in some time.