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Help, Murder, Police

If you have enough money, you can buy your way into uniform and kill people with impunity.

Policing 2015


This story is truly horrifying. “Zombified” patients in a VA hospital so overdosed with narcotics that several of them have died. Investigation isn’t enough, there should be prosecutions.


How News Works Today

Best cartoon I have seen in some time.


Paris Terror Attack Kills At Least 13

Why would a group do this, what would be their motive? Here’s why.

UPDATE: The three suspects have been named, including two brothers 34 and 32 years old and an 18-year-old.

LAPD Shot Mentally Ill Man In Back At Point-Blank Range

“Muzzle imprint” is the phrase here describing how an LAPD cop stuck a gun into Ford’s back and fired, fatally wounding him. Obviously there’s no plausible scenario that justifies this.

George Stinney Exonerated in South Carolina

70 years after the 14-year-old was convicted of murder, George Stinney (who died in prison in 1944) has been exonerated.

“To Protect You From Me”

70-year-old veteran of the court system speaks on the police and the white population in the American system.

Police Brutality and Justice: A Word From Orson Welles

From 1955.

Pennsylvania Mass Shooter Of Six Still At Large

Bradley Stone has allegedly shot six people in multiple homes. It was previously reported that he had taken his own life, but apparently that’s not the case. It seems he has killed people in at least 3 different townships or towns.


Stone, a veteran of the totally unnecessary and criminal Iraq war, was found dead, he had committed suicide with a sword.