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TIMELINE of the Cover-Up

March 3rd, 2004 – Taguba finishes his report and turns it in. In the report, he names Military Intelligence and not the MPs as “directly or indirectly responsible” for the torture at Abu Ghraib, and calls for an immediate and thorough investigation of the MI units attached to the prison (this was beyond the scope of Taguba’s assignment and a very brave move). He warns in his final conclusions that if his recommendations (to investigate MI) are not carried out immediately, the torture and “grave breaches of international law” at AG will continue.

April 13 or 14, 2004 – In exactly this time frame, according to both JCS Chairman Myers and Dan Rather, Myers contacted Dan Rather and convinced him not to run the piece on torture on Abu Ghraib that eventually ran on April 28th (Rather decided he could suppress it no longer without being scooped by Hersh on the 30th with his New Yorker story).

May 7th, 2004 – During his first and most disastrous Senate hearing appearance regarding Abu Ghraib (the “we can’t find the chain of command” debacle) Rumsfeld suddenly volunteers out of nowhere that an investigation by a General Fay of MI “had been started” on April 23rd. This is at least 10 days after the date we are absolutely certain that the Pentagon knew they had been found out on their cover-up, which lasted from March 3rd to April 13 at a minimum. How do we know it’s a cover-up? The main MI officer named as responsible, Gen. Geoffrey Miller, since proven to be much more culpable than even Taguba knew, was appointed head of Abu Ghraib during this time frame, and runs it at this hour.

That is all you need to know, to prove a cover-up.

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