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The true conspirators found

Iraqi Scientist died of “Natural Causes” in US custody?

Try blunt-force injury. Use newtzi/isanazi for user/pass when the prompt you for a login, same for the New York Times. On the Washington Post, use the user name, password isanazi. AND DO SET COOKIES FOR THESE LOGINS, that way everyone is feeding them bonus marketing information about a 98-year-old billionaire woman. kapisch?

Terrorist infiltrate amerika?

Attorney General gives the american people a heads on newly discovered terrorists in the US. Watch CBS report here (realplayer). What, me worry? Of course not: Terror level remains:

Since he forgot to tell anyone else in the government, notably, FBI, Homeland Security, Governers, police forces, etc.

Wash Post article here.

Also, check […]

Get Your War On 36

Required reading.

Good news at Cannes

Fahrenheit 9/11 has won the prestigious Palme d’Or best film award at the Cannes festival. Let’s hope its release will turn a few heads before the election. It will certainly be controversial, and likely not shown by many theatres owned by conservatives. Which makes me wonder, will we get to see it played in Oklahoma […]

Newsworthy not related to the prison abuses…

From the NYTimes: Conscientious objector is convicted of desertion.

“Sergeant Mejia testified Thursday that he became upset after seeing civilians hit by gunfire and watching an Iraqi boy die after confusion over which military doctor should treat him, The Associated Press said.”

And this followup of Wednesday’s wedding massacre: The US Military still insist no […]

Hersh profiled by ‘media analyst’

In the Washington Post, which carries the usual biography of Hersh’s career. He still remains the only reporter I’ve ever seen to be “pilloried” nationally for NOT reporting something that WASN’T true.

“A lot of Washington journalists act like hedge-trimmers or pruning shears,” says Time defense correspondent Mark Thompson. “Sy is a noisy, smoke-spewing chain […]

UPI News Analysis Backs up Sponson Rants

Those of you who know me can recall that I’ve spouted on and on endlessly about how 2 major groups, the Army leadership (the more professional types, not the political suck-ups) and the Senate (meaning all the Dems plus some key Republicans in foreign policy areas) are serious about investigating the scandal of US torture […]

Arrests over faked Daily Mirror photos

This story should serve as a reminder that No One Ever has challenged the authenticity of any of the US-made Iraq torture photos. And there are some 1800 that have yet to be seen by the public, certified as authentic.

White House Memos Set up Torture Plan

Here is the article, with links to the memos themselves. The only final connection to make here is that these torture techniques, approved for Afghanistan, were then applied to Iraq, which we know is true from the Taguba Report. Bush approved this himself in the case of Afghanistan; Rumsfeld, it is known, and Cambone approved […]