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Gerald Ford Dies


Will history grant him a “full, free, and absolute pardon” for his activities in office? Since my position at the time was that Nixon had to be tried for the sake of the country’s future, then I must ask how different would history have been if he had allowed Richard Nixon to face the law for his crimes? If Nixon had been given a fair trial, his number one Watergate defender, RNC head George HW Bush, would never have been able to run for President in 1980, and could never have become President. Without him, no GWB. Ford was selected, not elected, President in order to restore the reputation of this country in the world from the corruption of Watergate, and in that way he accomplished his mission, but what did Ford himself think about his fateful decision on Nixon as he spent the last few years of his life watching Bush destroy our country’s reputation? More importantly, a man of integrity was needed in 1974 when first the Vice President and then the President were proven crooked, and Ford responded; where is our Gerald Ford when we need him now?

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