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Faux News: “Al Qaeda” Started California Wildfires

I’m not kidding, and Faux News isn’t either. They should never, ever be let off the hook for doing this. This is a situation where it is appropriate for all sorts of hype to come out, with people everywhere demanding retractions and apologies (to the American public, for lying to them), and for people to be fired. It’s worse for example than Don Imus’ unforgivable, racist remarks, because this reporting an absolutely fabricated falsehood as the truth, not some racist spouting his sicko opinion. If CNN and MSNBC were even interested in their well-being, they would highlight this clip and run it over and over in a loop, along with an editorial demanding that Faux eat their words big time. As it is, I suspect only Keith Olbermann will bring it up.

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