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Iraqi Governor Accuses US Troops in Shooting

Because you see, our relations with Iraqis are just great.

BAQUBA – A roadside bomb targeting a U.S. foot patrol in Baquba, 65 km (40 miles) north of Baghdad, killed at least three children, two of them siblings, and wounded seven people, police said. DIWANIYA – Iraqi security forces captured 47 militants, including three Mehdi […]

US Officer Confirms Killing Pro-US Iraqi Fighters

An exclusive for Reuters.

CNN Rigged Democratic “Debate” Questions

So not only did Blitzer channel Tim Russert in last night’s “debate,” but they also saw fit to screen and rig what questions were asked. What a great lesson in “Democracy” for the UNLV student, who has now bravely spoken up, and is getting viciously attacked for telling the truth.

Barry Bonds Indicted

On the same exact charges as Libby, let’s see how the media treats this by comparison.

Guantanamo Manual Leaked to Web

Wired magazine has the story of the manual, which was leaked to, a web site that is now either under attack or has been taken down. But you can get the PDF right here.

Real Cost of Wars: $1.8 Trillion

Congress reveals the actual cost of the Iraq and Afghan wars so far. Also last night, they voted to fund the Iraq war for $50 billion, including the condition that troop withdrawal be complete by Dec. 15, 2008. This was a result of a deal made between Reid and Bush: Mukasey was not filibustered, in […]

US Kills 25 Who Were Fighting Al Qaeda

With a convenient air strike.

White House Ordered to Preserve All “Lost” E-Mails

The cover-up attempt has been stopped, for now:

“The missing records at issue span critical events in U.S. policy, including the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, the Abu Ghraib scandal, release of a congressional report detailing the flawed intelligence that was relied upon concerning weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the handling of […]

Coverup of GI Suicides is Policy

Veterans’ Day is the right time to remember this.

Corrupt Bastards Club

The slimy corruption of Alaska’s oil politics, this is a MUST READ.