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Greek columns, normal. The airplane fuselage seems pretty damned weird.

Judge Rules Miers and Bolten Must Testify

Ordered to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, the last of the possible delays are about to run out once and for all.

Denver Police: Gang Plotted to Kill Obama During Speech

Fantastic at this point. Who are these clowns? What is really going on?


Dick Cheney, at the request of the now-indicted Ted Stevens, intervened with the Alaska legislature – on behalf of VECO, the company that bribed Ted Stevens, and the occasion was to push the very pipeline project for which Stevens (and his son) were bribed. Â In any sort of an honorable universe, this would lead […]

DNC Monday Agenda

Sing along with the teevee, here’s their schedule for Monday.

How to Deal With Fox

Go Al Franken

This is how you do an attack ad.

Obama to Pick Crawford, TX US Rep?

Chet Edwards? Â Sure would be a bold choice.

McCain’s Mansions Issue Not Going Away

You have to enjoy it when things like this pop up in news stories:

By midafternoon, both campaigns were in full battle cry and sought to portray the other candidate as living an ostentatious lifestyle. Both campaigns called reporters, rushed out scathing TV attack ads, unveiled new websites and unleashed surrogates.

McCain, who huddled with […]

Attack Ad Hits McCain Where it Hurts

The Obama campaign is showing that they’re seriously on the ball this week. Since we have now had an entire summer of gaffe-a-day behavior by McCain with hardly any pickup on it by the media, they’ve decided to simply take today’s gaffe and make an ad about it. Within 24 hours. If the Obama crew […]