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“Flaming Lips Day” Declared In Oklahoma By Governor

In a small ceremony a few minutes ago attended by some 400 people, Governor Brad Henry of Oklahoma signed an executive order proclaiming “Do You Realize??” by the Flaming Lips as the “Official State Rock Song.” Bassist Mike Ivins wore a “Ghostbusters” T-shirt under his jacket, whose circle-with-a-slash symbol looked vaguely like a hammer and […]

Arlen Specter Switches to The Party of JFK

The author of the single bullet theory, which made it possible to whitewash the investigation on the assassination of a Democratic President, is now himself, officially, a Democrat. I would not trust him now any more than he should have been trusted in 1964.

Polish Virtuoso Denounces US Military Policy, Vows Not To Return to US

For some reason some Poles are upset with the U.S. I wonder why someone would get so mad because of how the US treats their country?

The Music Business Hates You

And they want you to know this.

GM Kills Pontiac, Asks UAW, USA To Take Over company

For some reason the only response I can think of is to post this:

Official: Bush Was Only President to Lower Home Ownership

Now it is in the historical record and indisputable. As I’ve mentioned many times before, every President in US history before Bush saw home ownership increase during their tenures. Bush himself constantly boasted about this statistic, especially during the 2004 campaign, as if an increase in home ownership were unusual or unique. Now, ironically, it’s […]

4 US House Members Arrested in Washington, DC

John Lewis, especially, makes another addition to his lengthy arrest record.

Obama-Hater Flips Out, Kills Two Deputies, Dies After Two Shootouts

Nope, no pattern here, just another “lone gunman” like the Glenn Beck fan/neo-nazi who killed 3 Pittsburgh policemen in the line of duty, also right after a domestic dispute.

The “new” AP: Full of Shit

This is a great example of what the new national AP editor is doing to the organization, and it’s childish and pathetic.


The documents will just keep coming and there is nothing the criminals can do to stop it. Justice must be done, the people who ordered this, who read this memo and did not change the policy, must be imprisoned.