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The Lion of The Senate

At this hour Ted Kennedy’s casket is in a huge motorcade to Boston. This was the Senator two years ago, speaking in the US Senate in January 2007 as the Republicans tried to block the first raise in the minimum wage in a decade. I highly recommend that you take the time to watch these, they are much more valuable and informative than another rehash on the tube about the glamour of either of his brothers who were killed, or any of the other “Camelot” stuff that will be on the tube in the next few days. Ted Kennedy joined the Senate in 1962 and has been there passing legislation that favors most working people, for a time period that has spanned the whole life so far of 186 million Americans. It may be a long time before we see speeches like this again in the US Congress, and they are needed.

From July 2007, this is Senator Kennedy on health care and the obstruction of legislation to help Americans. Kennedy sponsored the bill that finally got mental health care treated by the federal government as being on the same level as other kinds of care for the first time.

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