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Gun-Toting Cowards Threaten Anti-Government Murder Over Health Care Bill

One of the sickest most twisted extremists on the entire internet, who happens to live completely off government assistance, easily managed to draw a crowd with weapons at a US park, thanks to George W. Bush making it legal to carry guns in national parks. The crowd of media was as large as the “protester” […]

Corporate Tea Party Creators Run From “Oklahoma Militia” Nuts

This “news” is of course timed for April 19th and the anniversary of the anti-government domestic terror attack in Oklahoma City. Since two Oklahoma state legislators are backing this “militia” insanity formally, it should be pointed out that the Tea Party is running away from elected Republicans for being too pro-violence, not the other way […]

April 19th

So little has changed for some of these people. This video is from a South Carolina teabagger rally last week. The entire Tea Party movement is corporate funded and corporate sponsored.

Guess what, Rush. Hitler was upset about all his comrades killed in World War I, too. McVeigh was a Nazi mass murderer and […]

15 Years Later, Clinton Again Blasts Right-Wing Media

It was right that he did it then and it’s right that he’s doing it now.

DOJ Refuses To File Charges In 14-Year-Old’s Murder By Boot Camp Guards

This decision is downright shocking to me. What kind of political cynicism does it take to ignore this case, that kid was sadistically brutalized to death and I have actually seen it on video. Justice in the U.S. is little more than a game, and a sick one at that. No murder charges, no manslaughter […]

Bush-Era NSA Whistleblower Indicted

Why is the DOJ going after this guy? A court has just ruled that Bush’s domestic spying was illegal. This guy was helping to blow the whistle on it.

Coburn Kowtows To Fox News

Kowtow to Chairman Murdoch! Kowtow!

GOP State Legislators Key and Brogdon Talk Treason

These two Oklahoma state legislators are traitors to the people and State of Oklahoma. Brogdon is running for Governor. The Governor commands the Oklahoma National Guard. What does he plan to do, order the Guard to hand out their weapons to a right-wing, racist mob? This is a national disgrace (that is a national news […]

Kissinger Stopped Message That Would Have Prevented 1976 Assassination in Washington DC

It was the biggest terror attack in the U.S. capitol city until 9/11. Kissinger knew it was coming, and headed off a message that could have stopped it. A very good man and an American died as a result. Kissinger essentially gave the green light for foreign governments to murder dissidents right here in the […]

“ACORN Tapes” Were a Hoax

It’s time to release the New York tapes as the California Attorney General, Jerry Brown, has done. Watch how the unedited tapes released by California prove that O’Keefe was pulling a hoax.

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