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GOP Congressman Admits Birtherism Is A Fraud

Having been defeated in a primary, Bob Inglis (R-SC) tells the truth about GOP congressmen and senators supporting birther conspiracy theories.

As to the Birther matter, let me be clear. The president is obviously a citizen of the United States. … So, really we do lose credibility when we spend time talking about such things. Why do we do that? We do it because we want to vilify the other side. We want to make them into the big bad guys.

And that’s not all, folks. He also goes on at length about the Republican conspiracy theory that the Community Reinvestment Act of 1979 caused the financial crisis (in October 2008), a theory which is the cornerstone of GOP economic campaign policy these days.

What I’m supposed to do as a Republican is just echo back to you Anne that yes, CRA was the cause of the financial meltdown in October of 2008. And if I said that to you I’d be clearly wrong because if you think about it, CRA had been around for decades. So how could it be that it caused the problem suddenly in October of 2008? … So therefore we can just establish it as a scapegoat. Democrats like it and we can of course put the racial hue on that and that makes it even more powerful. But if we do that, we go further away from the solution, the solution is to deal with those fundamental things, not pick up on scapegoats and run with it.

Inglis is admitting this is a racist conspiracy theory.

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