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I am stunned by this news, but somehow encouraged by how it turned out.


Raped? The GOP candidates for 2012 suggest you use this handy chart.

Romney Still Running Ads For Mourdock

This is Richard Mourdock, US Senate candidate in Indiana, at a debate last night.

Romney Fundraiser And Rapist Commits Suicide

In the same Utah cabin where he held fundraisers for Romney and also raped several women.

Al Franken, Ladies And Gentlemen

Now he needs to do the same for President Obama in Ohio, Wisconsin and Nevada

Beyond Lying

In which “Fox News” overreaches so far in their attempt to cover up Romney’s Libya disaster in the second debate that it’s almost impossible to even understand what they are getting at (click the link above this to see). WARNING: If i ask you if you saw this clip, but you didn’t watch it, I’m […]

CIA Briefing Behind UN Ambassador’s Libya Statements

Mitt’s conspiracy of the century is now proven to be absolutely nothing.


UPDATE 2: NBC confirms most of the story. Was this leaked to bait the Romney camp into freaking out in confusion? If so it will probably work.

UPDATE: The White House is now denying that both countries have agreed to talks. Entire thing is in great flux at the moment. Officials from the paper are […]

Unemployment Drops In 41 States In September 2012

It’s the arithmetic, stupid. Despite maximum Republican obstruction in Congress, the weak stimulus bill combined with reasonable capitalist economic policies has succeeded in making unemployment go down, the economy to grow, and corporate profits to balloon in the last 4 years. More importantly as for as electoral politics is concerned, there was improvement in several […]

Obama’s Firewall

This is not at all a prediction of the likely electoral college outcome, but it is an illustration of how difficult it will be for Mitt Romney to win the election. Obama is currently leading in most or all polls of Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Virginia. He has several ways […]