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Affluent Gun Nut Fad In Newtown, Connecticut

The New York Times, better late than never, covers what has being going on in the hometown of many Manhattan executives. Meanwhile it appears that the Newtown killer lived in a “doomsday prepper” environment. Perhaps people who are set for life financially are the perfect candidates to be “doomsday preppers,” being so well off that they have nothing better to do with their time than live in a paranoid, misanthropic fantasy world that is incredibly dangerous to others. If Nancy Lanza was “waiting for the apocalypse,” sadly like many others who become obsessed with this bullshit, she sure found it.

UPDATE: In this country, the confirmed trend is that a shrinking number of Americans own the guns in this country, and they own more of them than ever. Thanks to their self-fulfilling prophecies, “doomsday is now” or has been for people in at least 10 US cities this year as they were slaughtered for no reason by multiple-gun owners.

Good thing responsible companies like Microsoft take gun violence seriously, especially as it pertains to the New York City area.

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