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ABC Never Had “Benghazi E-Mails” They Portrayed On Screen

But since it was less than a week ago, I absolutely remember they filled the screen on Friday with images of printed pieces of paper purporting to be printouts of the actual e-mails. It kind of looked exactly like this:

Notice in the actual television report, Jonathan Karl says “I have obtained” e-mails that say x, y and z things that make Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama look bad. He was lying, he had not obtained the e-mails written by the White House. As you can see in the previous post, the e-mails don’t say those things Karl claimed were in them that make Clinton and Obama look bad. When CBS News and Dan Rather ran a story on Texas Air National Guard documents that were apparently forged, they at least were showing the forgeries (handed to them by a source) on the screen. ABC, in this instance, is showing forgeries that they created themselves. Those aren’t printouts of e-mails in the screenshot above; someone at ABC typed those documents manually, then they were shown on your screen in order to fool you into thinking you were looking at printouts of White House e-mails. They’re forgeries created by ABC. There are two steps of deception here, someone fabricated false passages before “reading’ the e-mails” (actually their self-serving, fictitious White House e-mails) to ABC, and then ABC, who absolutely knew it was shaky to rely on some midnight phone call, faked up paper documents to make it appear they had obtained them electronically. What you saw on the screen were forgeries, intentionally created to fool you into believing a false story was credible.
I used to think that “he said, she said,” when it became the norm, was the worst possible form of reporting. Now we have something worse. Now at ABC, “he said that she said” is good enough for them to call it the gospel truth and commit forgery to bolster what they know is already weak stuff.

Having Jake Tapper catch you running a false story to help lying politicians is like having O.J. Simpson prove to the world you’re a wife-beater.

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