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Heroic Filibuster Interrupted By Fraud In Texas State House

Wendy Davis has achieved a total moral victory in Texas for the rights of women. So the Lieutenant Governor of Texas has moved to destroy it.

UPDATE: By a well organized and heroic coordination between Texas Democrats and an enormous crowd of women’s rights supporters in the gallery, they were able to pick up seamlessly when Davis was illegally made to stop her filibuster. The GOP was literally exposed, caught red handed with hundreds of thousands of people around the world watching, as they illegally attempted to record a vote past midnight. A private caucus was later held of Senate members in which Democrats confronted the Lieutenant Governor with proof of his fraud, and he conceded that time had run out and that he had held a vote after the legislative session had ended. The draconian anti-abortion bill is defeated.

With 15 minutes to go in the legislative special session, Senator Leticia Van de Pute stood up to ask this question. Pandemonium erupted in the gallery and the Republicans lost all organization, their plan to pass their bill just before midnight falling apart. The volume level of the cheering only rose for the next 17 minutes, ending the GOP effort to record a vote before midnight.

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