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Thousands Join Anti-War Rally in Moscow

Not that Putin cares. Alarmist bullshit stories continue to fly from the Ukrainian coup government about “invasions” here and there, and Russia has put a relatively small amount of troops on the eastern Ukrainian border. I don’t have much doubt that Crimea’s going to separate from Ukraine and go back to official Russian control like it was up until 1954, but it won’t take a war or an “invasion” to do it.

1 comment to Thousands Join Anti-War Rally in Moscow

  • Brad

    You are right. Alarmist. I also have no doubt that Crimea will return to the Russian federation, which is the clearly expressed will of the citizens of that region. And while I am also no fan of the capitalist and nationalistic autocrat Putin, the United States has absolutely ZERO moral authority to condemn the incorporation of Crimea into Russia.

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