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Ferguson At Crucial Moment

The Missouri Governor has ordered the St. Louis County Police out of the Ferguson are tonight and has put the Highway Patrol (state police) in their place. This was apparently arranged after discussions with President Obama and Attorney General Holder. This is a crucial moment that is ripe for political opportunism and dirty tricks. If saboteurs or provocateurs are sent in to start violence or vandalism, or anti-government types take it on themselves to start arson, etc., Fox News and other national media outlets will pounce and criticize the “interference” of President Obama and the Department of Justice. This isn’t just paranoid thinking, things like this happened during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. If you hear in a few hours that buildings are burning in Ferguson, remember this: St. Louis councilman Antonio French was arrested and jailed last night. He was ordered out of his car by belligerent police for “not listening” in Ferguson and told to leave his car keys on the seat. Here is what he said when he was released from jail.

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