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All Charges Suddenly Dropped Against Pantano

Murder has no consequences in the US military, apparently. This is an absolutely shocking development. Pantano did something far worse than Graner, England, or any of the other Abu Ghraib “suspects.” Pantano reloaded his weapon multiple times as he fired over 60 bullets into the backs mostly of the two unarmed men, then used their bodies as a prop for a threatening warning to the Iraqi people he was supposedly deployed to protect. Here is what Scott McClellan said yesterday about US commitment to human rights, at the same time that the USMC brass was setting up Pantano to go scot free:

“MR. McCLELLAN: We are a society based on laws and values — it’s not just laws, but also values that we hold dearly. And certainly, what you bring up has been a stain on the image of the United States abroad. But if you look at how we address these matters, it shows our commitment to human rights and human dignity. We hold people accountable when there is abuse. We take steps to prevent it from happening again, and we do so in a very public way for the world to see that we lead by example, and that we do have values that we hold very dearly and believe in.

Q So the current policies aren’t contributing to the problem?


You can see McClellan half-heartedly mumbling this shameful series of transparent lies here.

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