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Kabul: “Death to America”

Rioting in the streets of Kabul against the Americans.

UPDATE: The situation is far worse than reported in the US media.

US troops then opened fire and killed at least four people, an AFP photographer at the scene said. He said two men were shot dead next to him, and two other bodies were found after the burst of gunfire. Several were wounded.
The coalition said there were “indications that at least one coalition military vehicle fired warning shots over the crowd.” It said it regretted the incident and was investigating.
The shooting set off more fury as protesters held aloft one of the bodies and chanted: “Death to America, Death to Karzai.”
“These traitors killed at least 10 people. Death to them,” a protestor named Ahmadullah told an AFP reporter, referring to the American troops.
Another said: “These cowards opened fire into the crowd and killed them like sheep. First they drove into the people’s cars, destroyed them and then fired onto the people who were only throwing stones at them.”
The coalition troops left the scene as Afghan police arrived. The growing mob turned on police, setting alight a police post and several police vehicles, the photographer said. Afghan police also opened fire.
Crowds later marched through the capital. One group of around 1,000 people pushed through the city centre to a diplomatic quarter, and smaller mobs of a couple of hundred men rioted elsewhere.
Some of the marchers were carrying knives. One man said: “Where are the Americans?”

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