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Iraq is a horror of nonstop death

BBC article sums it up quite well.

We look up and he says, “car bomb, city centre, six dead, 20 injured”, or “nine more bodies found shot dead”. And we finish the sentence for him, “with wounds suggesting they’ve been tortured”.

I have been here for two weeks.

Hardly a day has gone by without several car bombs in Baghdad and so many bodies dumped in the street that I have lost count.

There have been hijackings, ambushes, American soldiers captured and killed, a lawyer on the Saddam Hussein trial defence team abducted from his home and murdered, suicide bombs successfully aimed at police or army patrols, buses taking factory workers home held up by men with guns and driven away. Workers at a commercial bakery abducted at gun point.

“This is not a state”, said Ali one morning, “this is anarchy”.

Note: this is just the warm-up paragraph.

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