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Mahdi Army Executes Iraqi Soldiers in Town Square

New York Times– Civil War.

These are the guys who killed Casey Sheehan.

“The clashes reached a point when members of the militias executed soldiers after their ammunition ran out in one of the public squares in front of the residents,’’ General Ghanimi said. “This is true terrorism.’’

Sheik Abdul-Razaq al-Nidawi, described by The A.P. as the city’s representative for Mr. Sadr, said that “the Iraqi army pulled out of Diwaniya and the Mahdi army is in a state of high alert.’’

Asked about the Mahdi army, Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, a spokesman for the American military, said that American forces were concentrating on death squads and others involved in sectarian killings, but he said there was no effort to move against any particular group.

“We are targeting those individuals who are operating outside of the law,’’ he said. “We are not targeting any specific organization.’’

How was the US-allied Iraqi Army allowed to run out of ammunition?

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