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For the key documents in the NSA Domestic Spying Scandal. Leahy:

This stonewalling is unacceptable and it must end. If the Administration will not carry out its responsibility to provide information to this Committee without a subpoena, we will issue one. If we do not, we are letting this Administration decide whether and how the Congress will do its job. […]

Why has this Administration been so steadfast in its refusal? Deputy Attorney General Comey’s account suggests that some of these documents would reveal an Administration perfectly willing to ignore the law. Is that what they are hiding? […]

Whatever the reason for the stonewalling, this Committee has stumbled in the dark for too long, attempting to do its job without the information it needs. We need this information to carry out our responsibilities under the Constitution. Unfortunately, it has become clear that we will not get it without a subpoena. I urge the adoption of the subpoena authorization.

UPDATE: White House chief of staff Josh Bolten, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Cheney chief of staff David Addington, and National Security Counsel executive director V. Philip Lago are required to appear to testify. The deadline for compliance is July 18th.

TPMmuckraker has a description of what is in the document subpoenas:

The committee wants a ton of documents, as well: all documents from September 11, 2001 on the program’s legality; the administration’s filings to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court; deals reached between the administration and “telecommunications companies, internet service providers, equipment manufacturers, or data processors” on potential liability to these companies for complying with the program; everything from the now-famous Comey episode; and more. If the administration wants to assert privilege over any of the subpoenaed material or testimony, it must specify the basis of that assertion “in sufficient detail to ascertain the validity of the claim,” rather than relying on blanket claims of congressional impertinence.

The AP reports that subpoenas have been issued.

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