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Faux News’ Alternate Reality Collides With Actual One, Again

Even on the things that aren’t political or important.  To a certain extent, this is true of all of the 24-hour news channels, with so much time to fill they fall into patterns of speculation.  However, it’s uniquely in the Fox “News” culture of constant reference to their own previous statements exclusively (or those of the Republican Party or Republican politicians) that something of this degree can occur. Other news outlets are quite guilty of referring to each other’s inaccurate reports (and rumors on the internet) in order to keep an interesting angle alive, but only Fox is in the business of creating their own alternate reality day by day, stubbornly determined to ignore what others are reporting, which allows things to get to an absurd level really quickly.  So what if he was never hit on the head? It’s more entertaining to say that he did, and therefore that is all Fox’s “news editors” needed to know. The viewers watch for reasons of wanting to be entertained and to have their own narrow views reinforced regardless of the facts, so there will be no moment of accountability. Hey kids, try this experiment: Wait a few days, and then ask a few random people you know what caused the TV personality’s death. Then, see if the purported cause they respond with correlates to their political views.

UPDATE: Another Fox “News” outlet proclaims 12 people have committed suicide in reaction to Michael Jackson’s death. Good to see they learned their lesson from the Mays fiasco, huh?

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