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Rand Paul Supporters Beat, Stomp MoveOn Member On Camera

This is “democracy” to the teabagger fans of Rand Paul. It will be fun to see the clips of the national media, especially FNC, minimizing this incident. All sorts of new euphemisms will have to be invented to avoid the correct, objective journalistic phrases that should be used, such as “political beating,” “outburst of political violence,” “intimidation,” “mob attack,” and so on. All sorts of contortions will be used to turn it into an “ambiguous” and “controversial” incident where “we don’t know what exactly happened.” In fact there is a basic question, since Fox recently took the unprecedented step of suing to stop usage of their own footage in a Democrats’ ad: will they release this footage from a Fox affiliate in a timely fashion to CNN and MSNBC, or will they refuse to?

UDPATE: The man stomping on the victim’s head is a Ron Paul County Coordinator. Or was, he has been “severed.”

AND WE HAVE A WINNER. UPDATE 2: RAND PAUL HIMSELF has just dismissed the attack as “jockeying around.” So none other than the candidate himself beats “Fox News Channel” to the punch with an Orwellian euphemism for a criminal political beating.

UPDATE 3: Photographic proof in the form of a campaign ad listing his name as an official, that one of the assailants, Proffitt (the stomper) worked for Rand Paul as he attacked the victim.

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