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Stick A Fork In It

Note the graphic on bottom of screen in picture. If the TIME poll is accurate, then due to massively Democratic-leaning early voting, Obama has won Ohio, and therefore the electoral vote. Only guns can stop it now.

It’s notable that many in the news media are spinning this as “bad news for Obama” when in fact by definition if the 60-30 Democratic margin of early voting continues, then at some point Romney by definition will “move ahead” among “those yet to vote.” If the Democrats have already voted, that eventually leaves almost nothing but Republicans to vote on election day. Quoting from this memo, you can get an idea of the real numbers.

NC– Democrats lead Republicans 51% to 30% in early voting (D 412,144 to R243,750)

NV– Democrats lead Republicans on every metric: mail ballots requested (D 29,344to R 29,106), mail ballots returned (D 12,861 to R 12,294), in-person earlyvoting (D 79,387 to R 58,458) and total ballots cast (D 92,248 to R 70,752)

OH– There is no party registration in Ohio, but counties and precincts that Obama won in 2008 are voting early at a higher rate than GOP counties and precincts- In counties that Obama won in 2008, 10% of registered voters have already cast ballots. In GOP counties, only 7% of registered voters have cast ballots- Voters from precincts that voted for Obama in 2008 have cast 408,788 ballots (53%) in 2012 compared with just 355,388 ballots (47%) from GOP precincts- The difference (D +53,400) is 80% higher than the difference at this time four years ago (D +29,706)

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