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This is another official “prediction” (speculation) from Mitt Romney will lose the election on Tuesday both in the popular vote and the electoral college. He will refuse to concede on election night, making it only the second such election in modern history. How can he do this? Republican governors will hold up election results long enough to muddy the waters and allow Romney to go to bed without acknowledging his defeat. I predict that the combination of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (yes Pennsylvania) will delay their election returns (or the vote will genuinely be close enough in some cases) for a long enough time on Tuesday night that Obama will be put on the spot, he’ll have to decide whether to declare victory in public while his opponent refuses to call him and concede. I am specifically not claiming that Romney will claim he is the victor of the election or that the result will be disputed in the courts. This won’t happen because Obama will win by more than one state. I am predicting that Romney will delay his concession for at least a day. Romney bought a delay in the Iowa caucus returns, and delays in several other states, allowing him to pretend to be possibly-the-winner-but-he-definitely-was-not during the primaries multiple times. He’s going to do it again. Don’t plan a fun election night party.

UPDATE: The first evidence of the plan (other than Romney wasting his time in Pennsylvania today when he is losing in Florida and Ohio). Romney is not even close in Pennsylvania, yet Fleischer includes the state in his list. Pennsylvania has one of the most dishonest Republican governors in the nation and if he comes through for Mitt, Kasich will do the same in Ohio and Rick Scott in Florida, creating enough “doubt” that Obama will not be “officially” at 270 electoral votes until the day after the election.

This is a map of the type of sabotage that would monkey wrench election night for Obama. Just withholding or disputing the results from Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio is enough to claim “either candidate could still win.” Pennsylvania is not even close, but it has the needed 20 electoral votes instead of Virginia’s 13, and that is why Romney went through the charade of campaigning there despite being clearly behind in the state by an unwinnable margin. Under the math below, Obama is denied 270 votes on election night, and it only takes the cooperation of 3 very partisan GOP governors, all 3 of whom have a track record of interfering with this election in multiple ways already.

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