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Go Directly To Jail

Massey indicted for killing dozens of coal miners with his greed.

1 comment to Go Directly To Jail

  • Brad

    I am thinking of Woody Guthrie’s song Waiting at the Gate now. ( I think that’s what it was called). And also thinking about other issues surrounding coal in addition to the terrible cost to the miners (after all, look at Australia, the occupational risks could be reduced dramatically if it wasn’t all profits at all costs)sitting in Beijing, where I’ve lived for over 3 years, and happy to see Obama and the Chinese gov’t reached an agreement, starting point though it may be. And enjoyed the clean air for APEC week! AQI (air quality index) was over 400 week before the meeting, got down to 17! one day during the conference. Now back up near 200 (and rising I’m sure). I think Obama may very well be right when he says climate change is the most urgent problem of our time (but there are lots of problems. Cheers from 中国!

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