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Ferguson Protests: A Gun To The Head

This is how St. Louis cops treat people that are politically opposed to their lawbreaking tactics.

1 comment to Ferguson Protests: A Gun To The Head

  • doubleagent

    All I can do is shake my head as I listen this story. Amadou Diallo. Luis Rodriguez. Tamir Rice. Darrien Hunt. Michael Brown. Eric Garner. I’m a well of thoughts and emotions. I would say more times than not, when I speak with someone in law enforcement in a casual, off-duty setting, they confide and chuckle about their seemingly harmless abuses of power. Speeding with emergency lights on just to catch a Thunder game. Picking and choosing when to enforce the law. Smoking weed during downtime. I’ve heard horrifying “lockeroom chat” while they’re out on patrol, lusting over college freshman they are supposed to be protecting. I’m convinced most cops cannot be trusted with the authority they are granted.
    THEY ARE PAID BY US!! TAXPAYERS!! Yet, we have no say in who join our police force. I don’t trust them. I am positive that they will consider their own families at home before they consider the families of anyone on the street.
    I served on a federal grand jury for a full year. I learned a lot about what it means to be on a jury of “peers.” I learned how District Attorneys present cases. I learned how agents give testimony. I learned what you can and cannot do as a member of the jury, both inside and out of the jury room. WE VOTED FOR INDICTMENT IN EVERY CASE WE HEARD. How do cops avoid it?? Attorneys and agents are very keen on how and what to present in order to achieve their desired result. Jurors are ignorant about what to ask. And peer pressure in a jury room cannot be understated. Our system is broken.

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