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“The Base Is Under Direct Attack”

At least two killed as a suicide bomber hits inside the gates of Bagram AF Base, Afghanistan, with Dick Cheney there.


“Initial reports are stating that 18 people were killed and three of them are foreign soldiers,” interior ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary told AFP.

“The 15 others […]

Hundreds of Iraq War Vets Already Homeless

Newsweek web-only article. Why is this only on the web?

Lieberman: How Wrong Can One Person Be?

From Lieberman’s op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal:

And a new strategy is being put into action, with thousands of additional American soldiers streaming into the Iraqi capital. . . . If we stopped the legislative maneuvering and looked to Baghdad, we would see what the new security strategy actually entails and how dramatically it […]

Hersh Interview: US Funding Sunni Jihadists Through Saudis

I previously posted Hersh’s article before I had read it through to the end. This interview with Hersh on CNN illuminates the last and most shocking part of the New Yorker article, which relates that John Negroponte quit his job because of Iran-Contra style activity, in this case off-the-shelf operations using the Iraqis’ budget money […]

Iraqi President Leaves Country; 10 Killed in Attack on VP

How much longer before the “crackdown” is declared a total failure?

Nuclear “Intel” On Iran is Bogus

A lot of interesting news reports on the US, Iran and Iraq this weekend. First from the UN via the LA Times, we learn that the US has been feeding bogus intel to the UN about the Iranian nuclear program. The US lied extensively in 2002-2003 about Iraq’s literally non-existent nuclear program so this is […]

Let Freedom Reign

These Iraqi 21st Century heroes feel the power of the unfettered market.

US Bombs Ramadi Homes in Six-Hour Battle

Here is Cheney’s “great progress” for you. He and Bush want more and more of this.

Photographs made available to The Associated Press showed the bodies of two small boys wrapped in one blanket, one with a bloody face, the other ashen and with mud on his mouth, his hands crossed on his chest. Other […]

2nd US Helicopter Shot Down in Two Days

Xinhua reports another helicopter shootdown (on Thursday) in addition to the Blackhawk that was forced to crash land yesterday with no casualties.

Small-Town America Scarred by War

These are the people who give up their sons and daughters from the poorest rural towns, while the rich in the cities get the tax breaks.