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Truth to Make a Rare Appearance in US Media

This ad is set to run at the end of the ABC Democratic candidates’ debate tonight.

Iraqi Troops Desert Their Post in Sadr City

New York Times-More “success” than ever.


Iraq Bloodbath



Two civilians were killed and two others were wounded in a bomb explosion near al Alwiyah police station in Karrada neighborhood in downtown Baghdad around 7:00 a.m.

Two civilians were injured when mortar shell hit al Dolai neighborhood in west Baghdad around 5:00 p.m.

Around 12:00 p.m. three mortar shells hit the Green […]

DC Madam Convicted; Cover-up Complete

Punishment and humiliation for the sex workers, never an inconvenience for the powerful, highly connected male customers. Par for the course.

But the trial concluded without revealing many new details about the service or its clients. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., was among possible witnesses, but did not take the stand.

Vitter has acknowledged being involved […]

US Military Will Release Pulitzer Winning Photographer in Iraq

I don’t think they’re going to like it when he reports what he has seen during the two years he’s been wrongly held in prison.

Kentucky GOP Congressman Calls Obama “boy”

Unprecedented in my lifetime, for a member of the US Congress to call another one, who is black, “boy.”

“I’m going to tell you something: That boy’s finger does not need to be on the button. He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country.” […]

“Bitter” non-issue fails for Clinton

Watch these two videos and compare the reaction of the crowd. Then, watch the news tonight and see how they continue to trumpet this bullshit endlessly. This attack by Clinton over Obama’s previous remarks on working-class America have received almost zero coverage so far anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

Also note, after watching the […]

Clintons Paid for Campaign With Colombian $$

Getting checks from the same people who pay the death squads to kill union members.

Her chief campaign strategist, still working in the campaign, is the chief lobbyist for the trade deal, and her own husband was paid $800,000 to lobby for it himself. How much more “tied” to it can you be? But […]


They have most of the same details as well. If everyone doesn’t raise hell with their representatives over this, this story will go away, and our country, and the world, will be the worse for it. The former intelligence official described Cheney and the top national security officials as deeply immersed in developing the CIA’s […]

Bush Hits New All-Time Low in Approval