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Iraq Bloodbath



Two civilians were killed and two others were wounded in a bomb explosion near al Alwiyah police station in Karrada neighborhood in downtown Baghdad around 7:00 a.m.

Two civilians were injured when mortar shell hit al Dolai neighborhood in west Baghdad around 5:00 p.m.

Around 12:00 p.m. three mortar shells hit the Green Zone in downtown Baghdad.

A civilian was killed and 8 people including five policemen were wounded when a car bomb exploded targeting the convoy of director of police affairs directorate Major Ali Sabri nearby Mosa Bin Nasir fuel station in Karrada neighborhood around 1:15 p.m.

Police found three unidentified dead bodies, one in Husseiniyah, one in Ubeidi, one in Yarmouk.


At least 38 people including women and children were killed and 80 others were injured in a parked car bomb in front of the building of Diyala province in downtown Baquba north of Baghdad around 11:15 a.m. The US military said in an emailed press release that 36 people were killed and 67 wounded adding that three buses were destroyed and 10 local shops were damaged.


13 people were killed and 10 others were injured when a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest detonated himself in al Karama restaurant northwest of Ramadi city around 12:30 p.m.


Gunmen opened fire targeting Ali al Fadhli, a representative of the Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani while he was passing through al Tayaran intersection in downtown Basra city south of Baghdad around 11:00 a.m. one of Fadhli guards was killed. Fadhli and another guard of him were injured.


Gunmen stormed a house in Al khadhra neighborhood in central Mosul, killing three women and a man from one family.

Gunmen killed a lawyer and her sister as they were their car in Mosul.

Two car bombs targeted police vehicles in Mosul. The first car was driven by a suicide bomber and the second was a parked car that targeted police units that rushed to the site injuring 17 people including four policemen.

A roadside bomb targeted a police vehicle injuring four policemen.

Gunmen shooting randomly killed a female student at her school in Al Muthana neighborhood northern of Mosul


Gunmen from Mahdi Army militia attacked Al Daoum village south east of Karbala city killing five people and kidnapping six others and destroyed four houses in retaliation from the families of Iraqi soldiers.

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