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Taliban Kills 20 in Kabul Attacks on Three Ministries

And the US military kills 5 civilians elsewhere in Afghanistan.

US Was Three Hours Away From Total Financial Collapse on Sept. 18

This C-SPAN interview with a Congressman reveals the content of the infamous Federal Reserve-Treasury briefing of members of Congress which happened a few months ago.

This near-catastrophe was 3 days after Mccain had insisted “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” in front of a campaign crowd as the stock market plunged some 500 […]

GOP Lawmaker Compares Bill To “War of Northern Aggression”

Today’s GOP, ladies and gentlemen. This is the way they raise ’em in the Grand Old Party.

“I didn’t join the military to kill innocents”

Soldier faces desertion charges after deserting Iraq.

Wal-Mart Corporate HQ Lays Off 700 Workers

So much for all the bullshit corporate-media headlines about “Wal-Mart’s business improving despite recession.” Explain this, GOP Wal-Mart lovers. Wal-Mart employment was the model for the American worker’s future since the 1980s, according to not just the GOP but also to the Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton and his wife, Wal-Mart Board of Directors Member […]

Gitmo Detainee’s ‘Genitals Were Sliced With a Scalpel’ Under Illegal Rendition

This is what George Bush and Tony Blair have done to the reputations of the United States and the UK. This scandal is exploding in Britain because originally the Americans were blamed for redactions in court documents, but now it is reported that UK agents are being protected as well by the blackouts. The 25 […]

Final Military Tribunal Stopped On Obama’s Order

The “Military Commissions” era is over.

FEMA Sent Contaminated Peanut Butter To Ice Storm Victims

This is how Bush is still killing Americans. First, deregulate; then, use FEMA to kill people with deregulated products.

Unemployment Hits 26-Year High

Highest since October, 1982. I remember what the economy was like then; steel mills and entire factory towns closing forever, Reagan seizing family farms left and right across the country. In January 1983 I took the best job I could get after 3 years of college, as a janitor.

Texas Family To Try for First Texas Posthumous DNA Exoneration

Despite the DNA evidence and the total cooperative confession of the real rapist, I predict the DA will continue to smear the dead man. This is what they do in Texas.