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Gitmo Detainee’s ‘Genitals Were Sliced With a Scalpel’ Under Illegal Rendition

This is what George Bush and Tony Blair have done to the reputations of the United States and the UK. This scandal is exploding in Britain because originally the Americans were blamed for redactions in court documents, but now it is reported that UK agents are being protected as well by the blackouts.

The 25 lines edited out of the court papers contained details of how Mr Mohamed’s genitals were sliced with a scalpel and other torture methods so extreme that waterboarding, the controversial technique of simulated drowning, “is very far down the list of things they did,” the official said.Another source familiar with the case said: “British intelligence officers knew about the torture and didn’t do anything about it. They supplied information to the Americans and the Moroccans. They supplied questions, they supplied photographs. There is evidence of all of that.” 

UPDATE: The DOJ adopted the Bush defense of “state secrets” in a case related to this same defendant. There you have it, people, the Bush policy of torture by proxy is being defended as legal by the Obama DOJ. I can’t say that I am surprised, but nonetheless I’m disappointed. Apparently Obama will defend and hide past illegal actions while opting for a “Truth Commission” type approach as endorsed by Leahy and Conyers.

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