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Tom Leemhuis is Dead

Tom Leemhuis volunteered to serve his country. That means you, and me. He wanted to protect his fellow Americans from anyone who might hurt them. He was willing to risk his life to do it. He died for a lie. He was from Binger. This week, Ryan Wood, from Oklahoma City, who was just 22, died in Iraq also. And so did Derek Calhoun, who was 23. He was from Oklahoma City. I got to live twice as long as they did, and now they’re dead and I’m still alive.

Iraq never attacked the United States. Saddam Hussein, a terrible dictator who was supported and enriched for years by President George Bush Senior, hated Al Qaeda and wanted nothing to do with them. Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001. The three men above were sent to fight in Iraq and kill people, mostly Iraqis, by George Bush Jr. He simply doesn’t care that these men lived, or that they died, and these men died because of his lies. But they volunteered for the military to protect you, and me.


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